Create API

You create a new API by creating a new spreadsheet via the dashboard.
Behind the scene, APIsheet creates a new folder in your Google drive where it stores the spreadsheet.

  1. Sign into the dashboard
  2. Click on "New Spreadsheet"
  3. Choose a name for your spreadsheet
  4. Click on "Create Spreadsheet"

Spreadsheet formatting

You need to format the headers of the sheets within a spreadsheet in order to create an API.

The first row of your sheet is the header. The header contains the column names returned by the API. The names you use in the headers are the property names in the returned objects.

For example, if your spreadsheet is:

NameEmailIs Director

Then APIsheet should return:

    name: "Bob",
    email: "bob@monster.inc",
    isDirector: false
    name: "Waternoose",
    email: "waternoose@monster.inc",
    isDirector: true

Endpoint format

The endpoint format is composed of a unique id (generated by APIsheet) and the sheet name (=tabs inside a spreadsheet). For instance, if your spreadsheet contains the sheets "Contacts" and "Users", the available URLs would be:

  • https://app.apisheet.io/v1/uuid/Contacts
  • https://app.apisheet.io/v1/uuid/Users

As the sheet names are kept as is, we advise you to choose simple sheet names without white spaces or special characters.

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